1. The Homestead Youth Talent Expo committee reserves the right to photograph, record and/or broadcast any or all of the performances for publicity purposes.
  2. Entry is open to amateur and semi-professional artists only. A semi-professional is one who earns some money as a performer, but is not dependent on such income for a living.
  3. Last year’s overall winner may enter in duet/group section only.
  4. The origin/original release of the song must be country.
  5. Judging is by a panel of judges during the sections.
  6. Judging is based on vocal and musical ability, and stage presence.
  7. Judges have the right to recall any contestants and their decisions are final.
  8. Judging sheets will be given out after final results are announced.
  9. Contestants may enter once only in any one section.
  10. All sections are vocal – with the exception of Instrumental.
  11. No pre-programmed backing allowed. Single production instruments only.
  12. Contestants may choose to use the official backing band or accompany themselves. When using the official backing band, one additional musician may join the band or replace a band member.
    NOTE: you cannot dismiss the entire band to your own backing band.
  13. Contestants must supply five (5) copies of chord charts for the band.
  14. No harmonies or backing vocals are allowed in vocal sections.
  15. Ages as at 7th August 2021. Juvenile = 12 years and under. Junior = 13 to 18 years.
  16.  The Homestead Youth Talent Expo committee reserves the right for any section to be judged outright, to add to or delete from the programme at any time, or cancel any section if there are insufficient entries.
  17. Dress code: neat and respectable attire must be worn.
  18. All contestants must report to the registration desk on arrival.
  19.  Contestants must present themselves to the backstage co-ordinator one section before their section and remain available to be called to the stage. It is the responsibility of each contestant to be ready for their section.
  20. If a contestant is not backstage at the required time, they will be deemed ‘scratched’ from that section.
  21. Entries for the Homestead Youth Talent Expo close Monday, July 26th 2021. The Homestead Youth Talent Expo committee reserves the right to accept or deny any late entries.
  22. Entries for the song writing section close Saturday, 3rd of July 2021. The Homestead Youth Talent Expo committee reserves the right to accept or deny any late entries.


ALTERNATE COUNTRY: The term Alt Country refers to the broader “Americana” genre which is defined by the Americana Music Association (AMA) as “music that incorporates, but is not limited to, elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues,
resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound”.

AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY SONG: Song must be written or co-written by an Australian citizen, or permanent resident. Contestant’s own compositions are NOT permitted in this section.

MODERN COUNTRY: Song must be first released no more than 5 years ago. Recent re-releases of older songs are NOT PERMITTED in this section.

TRADITIONAL COUNTRY: A traditional country song primarily draws from styles and influences of previous musical generations. More specifically, to be eligible for this category, the song should be primarily influenced by sub-genres such as, but not limited to: western swing, folk, Celtic, classic
country, 70s outlaw music, bush ballad, or heritage focused songs.

DUO/GROUP SECTION: ONE DUO/GROUP MEMBER ONLY should include payment for the GROUP section. Include the names of DUO/GROUP MEMBERS and the DUO/GROUP NAME on the entry form. Each performer may only appear once in this section. All duo/group members will score equal points for this section.

NOVICE: This section is only open to contestants who have not placed 1st at any country music festival. Novice sections to be run concurrently but will be judged separately. There is only one winner in each category. This section will not count towards any overall placings.

OPEN INSTRUMENTAL: Solo, instrument of own choice with no special effects. Only bass, drums, and rhythm guitar will be available from the house band for this section.

ANYTHING BUT COUNTRY: Due to the need to finish at a reasonable hour, the committee has reserved the right to cancel the last section, Anything But Country, if necessary. There is no cost to enter this section. Anything But Country contestants must enter at least one other section

SONGWRITING: Song must be written solely by the entrant, or co-written with another 18 or under writer deemed amateur or semi-professional. (See rule #2 for definition). Any songs co-written with a professional writer will be scratched from the section.


Good chord charts are essential for the backing band. Please refer to the ‘Charts’ page for further information on how to format your charts