A club which first began as the Bribie Island branch of the ACMA, quickly outgrew its ties to later become what is now the Homestead Country Music Club.
Based in the Caboolture Historical Village’s Stanmore Hall, Homestead is one of the strongest country music clubs in the south east Queensland region.

Since 1996 the club has strived to be at the forefront of the advancement of country music clubs across Australia. It proudly boasts strong support to the youth of Australian country music, hosting their annual junior talent quest, the Homestead EXPO.
With a progressive view on the current Australian music scene, Homestead and its members set out to continue the promotion and performance of country music tradition, and trends.

Active membership

A requirement of Homestead membership is to be an active member of the club.
On rehearsal nights, members are encouraged to arrive early (6pm) and help set up the hall and/or stay behind
at the conclusion of the night to pack away.

On the day of the monthly social/concert, members can help set up the hall during the day. Members meet at the hall
at 11:30 am to set out the tables and chairs and set up the stage and sound gear. At the social, members can assist in
various areas such as helping in the bar and canteen, stage hand for the night, and remaining behind when it is
finished to help clear and put away tables and chairs, pack down the stage and generally clean up.
Homestead is involved in a number of outside performances and other events throughout the year and all members are
invited to participate and support the club.

Youth Talent Expo

We are a club dedicated to nurturing young country music performers and we have a growing number of junior

On the first Saturday in August each year, Homestead holds/hosts a one day junior festival –‘Homestead Youth Talent

This event attracts entrants from all over Queensland and interstate. Contestants are 17 years of age or under and vie
for some excellent awards and cash prizes. Homestead members also volunteer their time to help out on the weekend
of the Expo and there is an opportunity for you to be an Expo Committee member.

To the overall Champion, Homestead offers a sponsorship to the CMAA (Country Music Association Australia)
Academy which is held in Tamworth in July of every year. This sponsorship is invaluable to the recipient, as the
emphasis is on nurturing different styles within the broad definition of Country Music today. This course runs for
eight days and includes a business course for a parent / guardian.